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Inside Fragrance: Evolution of an Air Care Giant

Posted: December 21, 2007

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Celebrate Learning

The other thing about Hettich, says Holthouse, is that he is a great leader and champion for the team. “He has created a very unique and positive culture as it relates to Febreze.” It is the culture of a learning organization.“We stress not just what we don’t know but what we need to know,” says Hettich, proudly stating that “in all functions, the learning culture is very strong.” He also believes in the company within a company approach. “At the Febreze ‘company,’ we share successes, celebrate learning and have fun together, shedding the disadvantages of being in a very big company and acting like a small, nimble company.”

Next Moves

“In this business, what keeps me excited is working with customers and designers to really make an impact,” says Hettich, claiming that he still has the same energy level he had when he started with the company 17 years earlier.

He also holds a broader career perspective: “At P&G, I realize one day I will be doing something beyond air care and Febreze.” With a broad education and impressive language skills (he’s fluent in German, English and Spanish, is conversational in French, and has a basic knowledge of Swedish), he knows that there will be a career change one day to new geographies or new units.