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Inside Fragrance: Evolution of an Air Care Giant

Posted: December 21, 2007

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He also listens to his customers. Eight years ago, consumers accepted only odor cover up. Today, he says, consumers realize you can eliminate odor before you layer on a light scent, and odor elimination has risen to the top. In addition, those consumers have become more knowledgeable about fragrance and odor elimination.

“In addition to Febreze’s freshening credentials, P&G has drawn upon its core competencies, such as consumer understanding and perfume expertise, to bring these products to the air care market,” said Hettich. “We’re confident we’ll see a very strong consumer reception to both.”

Moving Forward

Hettich’s early confidence in consumer reception of P&G’s air care products has been supported by solid numbers. Today, he is marketing director of air care, North America, with profit/loss responsibility for the Febreze portfolio: Fabric Refreshers, Air Effects and Noticeables. Responsible for P&G’s successful launch into the $6 billion air care market, Hettich’s role is to continually create and nurture the vision of where the company wants to go. “Where to go over next few years [is what] I am working on now. I’ve also got the resources—people, money and the early work—that enables the vision to go forward.”

Innovation Master Plan