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Fragrance in Good Times and Bad

By: Jeb Gleason-Allured, Editor
Posted: March 23, 2009
Michael Carlos

Michael Carlos, Givaudan

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In the developed world, Carlos points out that the glut of fragrance launches, lamented by many in recent years, may be effectively over, particularly as it pertains to line extensions. "Today, people [at the brands] are saying, ‘I need to invest more in my basic brands and classics.’ Everybody is putting more money in classic fragrances to promote them better, sometimes enriching their quality at the same time." The "net result," he says, is a return to quality. "The market in fine fragrances could be more differentiated between  aspirational designer brands on one side, and then having a lot of mass brands," Carlos explains. "A lot of what’s in the middle of the market ... could very well disappear. Fragrance houses will have to adjust to the situation."

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