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The F&F Horizon: Mintel Predicts 2009 Consumer and Beauty Trends

Posted: December 22, 2008

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What it means for businesses: “Fresh,” “clean” and “pure” will become essential values as manufacturers focus on clear ingredient labels and product positioning. Additionally, companies will create better products for dining, relaxing and entertaining at home.

Rebuilding Trust
In the coming year, people will want to know all about the products they buy, from where they were sourced to how they were manufactured. Because of this, people will cling to the long-standing, nostalgic brands they know and love, looking for products with a real sense of familiarity.

What it means for businesses: Manufacturers will need to back up their words with actions and conduct business in a more open, honest way. (Read: clean labels and country of origin disclosures.) Also, long-standing brands will move into new markets to exploit their position as trustworthy companies.

Trading Down (and a Little Up Too)
Shoppers will mostly trade down to budget-friendly solutions to save money. But occasionally, they will also need to indulge in small, affordable luxuries.

What it means for businesses: Many companies will start to focus on value brands, but there will still be room for products that bring a little luxury to the everyday. Beyond this, many companies will position their products as a more affordable alternative to going out.