Forward Thinking: A Note on Fragrance, A Feminine Point of View

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A November 2010 article appearing in Perfumer & Flavorist magazine sister publication GCI magazine, “Fueling The Market—Fragrance Observations,” examined fragrance trends. A year later, fine fragrance competition remains fierce, and brands continue to jockey for position as consumers seek new and unique products. Fortunately, according to the NPD Group, “in fragrance, the prestige market grew by 6% during the first quarter of 2011. The increase in prestige fragrance is due to the positive performance in top existing juice brands, as well as strong sales from 2010 fragrance introductions.”

Ingredient stories, compelling marketing themes and attention-grabbing packaging are conventional methods brands use to differentiate themselves, create emotional connections and gain market share. This year, rose, gold, love and life are the resonating themes impacting the women’s fine fragrance market.

A Bed of Roses

Similar to last year, rose is a dominant theme in 2011 women’s fine fragrance launches. Classic and feminine, a variety of modern interpretations of this iconic floral are influencing fragrance introductions with warmer, fuller structures.

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