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Progress in Essential Oils

By: Brian M. Lawrence, Consultant
Posted: July 9, 2009, from the August 2009 issue of P&F magazine.
Tagetes oil

An oil produced from Tagetes minuta collected in the Eastern Cape Province, which was said to have been introduced into South Africa from Argentina during the Anglo-Boer war in 1900, was reported by Osée Muyima et al. (2004) to possess the following composition:

sabinene (3.65%)

limonene (21.26%)

(Z)-β-ocimene (35.56%)

(E)-β-ocimene (1.25%)

dihydrotagetone (28.83%)

allo-ocimene* (1.26%)

(Z)-tagetone (0.98%)

(E)-tagetone (5.38%)

(E)-tagetenone (1.05%)

* correct isomer not identified

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