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Trends in Shower Products

Posted: September 5, 2007

Choosing the right shower gel is an important decision since today showering is about more than just getting clean. According to the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), many new shower gels are now fortified with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, promoted as offering healthier-looking skin. Others offer multiple benefits, such as anti-cellulite, antiaging, whitening or exfoliating. In addition, consumers are more interested in natural and organic formulations, and various ethical claims are appearing in this market, giving a more holistic feel to products.

The use of botanical and herbal ingredients also remains strong, with popular botanicals/herbs used including moisturizing and hydrating aloe vera, or more exotic ingredients, such as babassu oil and maracuja oil. Products made with ingredients sourced from plants have packaging that explains where in the world the ingredient was sourced in order to prove authenticity to the consumers; for example, natural ingredients from Provence, Australian tea tree oil, Dead Sea mud and French lavender. These plant ingredients are generally well regarded by consumers and seen as safer and gentler on skin than chemical ingredients.


Aromatherapy, or the art of using essential oils from plants to influence someone’s mood, has proved very popular in the shower gel market. Numerous non-food categories, especially the air-care market, have already shifted towards aromatherapy. Homes are becoming sanctuaries for consumers, where they can retreat and unwind from their busy schedules. Bathrooms have become personal spas, with an increasing number of personal care products launched that are inspired by professional salons. With aromatherapy so closely associated with spas, products highlighting the use of essential oils should remain popular as consumers seek new and convenient ways to relax and unwind at home.

The use of aromatherapy essential plant oils allows manufacturers to promote their products as relaxing or energizing. Lavender is often used to help relax, while citrus fruits can help energize.