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Natural Desires in Hair Care Fragrances

Posted: November 28, 2007

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Targeting men, Aveda released a new Liquid Pomade under its Aveda Men Pure-Formance brand in the United States. Featuring the certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver and lavender along with the aromas of kunzea and citrus, Aveda claims that the product offers a rich, spicy and refreshing scent.

Fruit-based formulas have also made quite a presence in hair styling aids around the globe, bringing a fresher fragrance along with them. Everything from fruit micro-wax to raspberry vinegar to acai berries has been seen in recent months as companies strive to put real fruit ingredients into their hair care products. In the United States, for example, Garnier’s Fructis Style Bold It brand features fruit micro-waxes. It’s new Power Putty product provides an intense hold for ultimate definition, complete with a fruity fresh smell.

In Italy, Bottega Verde uses raspberry vinegar in its Lozione Lucidante Aceto Di Lampone (Raspberry Vinegar Shine Enhancer). Rich in mineral salts, vitamins and fruit acids, the product claims to aid weak and treated hair. It is dermatologically tested, not tested on animals and retails in a 100-ml spray bottle.

Even premium brands have picked up on the trend towards more natural ingredients and fragrances in hair care. Premium labels such as Aveda in the United States have the advantage of marketing a signature scent, such as the Aveda Men Pure-Formance brand’s “rich, spicy and refreshing aroma.” Aveda’s Grooming Clay is said to add texture and definition to hair, while lightweight micro-fibres flex, so the hold is pliable yet strong. It’s essential oil content and rich fragrance make it appealing to scent-seekers and product-naturalists alike.

With many consumers looking for cleaner labels and more natural product composition, herbal, fruity and aromatherapeutic scents and ingredients can help hair care manufacturers lure in new users.