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Natural Desires in Hair Care Fragrances

Posted: November 28, 2007

Hairstyling product trends are heavily influenced by current lifestyle, belief and fashion trends. A look into Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows new products echoing the general consumer move towards natural and authentic-seeming personal care. New hairstyling products boast herbal and fruit-inspired scents to connect with consumers’ deepest “natural desires.”

Around the globe, botanical ingredients continue to dominate hair styling product development. Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) reports that “botanical/herbal” was in fact the leading product claim in new products launched from July to September of 2007. Plant-based ingredients seem more natural and pure to the consumer who is trying to avoid excessive use of chemicals in his or her personal care. Ingredients such as rose petals, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and ginseng also bring unique benefits and scents to hair care products.

In the United Kingdom, Aroma Do Campo Escova de Chocolate has released a range of hair styling products that are specially formulated with certain botanical ingredients to improve the condition of damaged hair. The products contain cocoa butter and amino acids for hydration, softness and conditioning. Aroma Do Campo Escova de Chocolate offers a Reconstructor, an Anti-Frizz product with keratin, a shine-enhancing Silk Fluid, a Shampoo, a Conditioning Mask and a Hair Treatment for botanically-enhanced hair styling across the board.

Avon likewise boasts that its Naturals Hair Crema Hidratante para Peinar (Hydrating Combing Cream) will provide shine while softens and conditions hair. Sold in Colombia, the cream contains aloe vera, ginseng and a nutritive Bioseed complex that makes hair easier to comb and gives it a light, fresh scent. Naturals Hair Crema Hidratante para Peinar is suitable for all types of hair and retails in a 150 g tube.

As a natural and functional extension of herbal scents and ingredients, aromatherapy has grown in hair care products. Using the fragrances of essential oils to energize or soothe consumers, companies with aromatherapeutic ingredients in their products claim they can provide benefits that are physical as well as spiritual. Aromatherapy looks to be quickly growing in the scents and ingredients used for hair care.