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Top Personal Care Fragrances in 2007

Posted: December 21, 2007

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3. Fresh

Somewhat non-descript, but nonetheless enticing, the “fresh” scent has become quite popular in household and personal care new product development. Promising a light breath of life through its name alone, the fresh scent is especially popular in deodorants. French brand Lavera Body Spa features a Déodorant Spray Fraîcheur (Fresh Deodorant Spray) that is said to neutralize body odor. Containing essential oils such as hop, linden tree, green tea and lemon balm, the deodorant spray seems a light way to remove bad smells without adding heavy fragrance.

4. Citrus

Similar to lemon, the joyful aroma of citrus seems to brighten any mood or environment. Thus, it seems almost perfectly suited to the shower, where a citrus-scented conditioner can awaken even the most tired minds. In Columbia, Schwarzkopf Citré Shine Fresh Fusion Moisture Replenish Conditioner contains citrus vita-actives to infuse hair with energy. Shine Fresh Fusion Moisture Replenish is also available in a shampoo for a fully awakening experience.

5. Flower