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Perfume: Story of a Fragrance Collection

Posted: January 23, 2007

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Krell Kydd: Do you think that more “perfumer-created” marketing concepts are possible in the future? What do you think it would take to get things moving in this direction?

Laudamiel: Perfumer-created concepts exist, but they are usually based on odors and raw materials. I do believe the future will reveal more of these concepts in general. The balance between idea and realization is a hard one to achieve, and realization is the most difficult as it is much harder to realize things than to just have ideas. Everybody has ideas, even crazy ones, but how do you realize these into something that is tangible, credible or concrete, and have the knowledge and the will to materialize them as well? Striking the balance between reality and fantasy is a real challenge.

Also, it is not so much the “brief concept” that has to change. You can have very free briefs or very strict briefs; it depends more on the way you are prepared and educated to select things. Education is absolutely needed, from kindergarten through postdoctorate. In any other form of art or design we accept the fact that the more the public knows or sees, the more it drives up business in awareness, passion and financial results. It does not mean you have to give away all of your secrets, or say what you are preparing, but once something is public, it should be much more open to explanation.

Krell Kydd: What motivated you to take this on? You had to do this in what little spare time is afforded to most perfumers.

Laudamiel: Inner drive was the motivating factor. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know where it comes from. I have always had this flame in me to go the extra mile, whether it was at school, at sports, in dance or at work. It is this sensation, which can kill you with its weight, a sensation of feeling bad or even ridiculous when you know you can do something better, like having an idea and not being able to sleep until you can show yourself that you can do it.