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Aug 17, 2017 | 11:48 AM CDT

Fragrance That Mists, Sticks and Slides

Tattly botanical fragrance scented temporary tattoos

In terms of innovation, the fragrance industry has stepped into novel applications, such as scented temporary tattoos, to embrace fragrance in unexpected ways.

Aug 17, 2017 | 10:46 AM CDT

Symrise Releases Second Quarter Results With Solid Growth

Financial earnings

Symrise has released its second quarter earnings, which reported an increase in sales of 3.6% due to increasing demand and an improved capital management system.

Aug 09, 2017 | 03:16 PM CDT

Raw Material of the Week: Lavender Absolute H

Lavender and tea

Lavender can be utilized in a broad range of applications within flavors and fragrances. IFF LMR Naturals has introduced a new ingredient, which can be utilized in various flavor applications.

Aug 08, 2017 | 09:37 AM CDT

CPL Aromas Partners with Axiom Communications

Axiom Communications will assist the fragrance house with its public relations, following a successful partnership at the start of the year.

Aug 03, 2017 | 02:13 PM CDT

Linda G. Levy Named President of the Fragrance Foundation

Linda G. Levy has been appointed as the president of the Fragrance Foundation, effective September 5, 2017.

Jul 27, 2017 | 03:43 PM CDT

Journey to the Essence: Interview with Mane

New extraction processes paired with innovative botanical research is what keeps MANE moving forward in the world of naturals. We sit down with MANE’s team to discuss how sustainability, biotechnology and consumer insights play a role in the company’s pursuit of natural in flavors and fragrances.

Jul 27, 2017 | 03:06 PM CDT

Christophe Laudamiel: Perfumer of the Future

Christophe Laudamiel
By: Pia Long, Director, Olfiction Ltd.

Christophe Laudamiel has spent his career eagerly embracing what he sees as the future of fragrance, and in some ways he already lives there.

Jul 27, 2017 | 02:13 PM CDT

Forward Thinking: A Sustainable Future

Plant coins
By: Amy Marks-McGee, Trendincite LLC

Recycled plastic technologies and programs, eco-friendly fashion, environmentally conscious laundry products, sustainably sourced ingredients and byproducts created from waste are just a few of the many current sustainable initiatives.

Jul 27, 2017 | 01:20 PM CDT

A WFFC Taste of Soho and Nolita

On June 13, 2017, the WFFC gathered for the 10th Annual Fragrance and Flavor Sensory Trend Excursion in New York City! SoHo and Nolita were the trendy neighborhoods chosen for the group's day of inspirational trend hunting.

Jul 27, 2017 | 11:59 AM CDT

Progress in Essential Oils: Myrica Gale

By: Brian M. Lawrence, Consultant

Adored by beavers, once found in beers of north western Germany during the Middle Ages and used as an effective insect repellant or a perfumery ingredient, myrica gale oil's constituents can shed new light to formulators on other ways it can be used in F&F.