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Fragrance Foundation Arabia Discusses Adopting Regulations

Fragrance manufacturers and brand representatives are meeting with the Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority

Corpse Plant Ready to Bloom

Over the next few days, the Titan arum is expected to cause a stink at Cornell University in New York


From Symrise, this fragrance material features an intense green note.

Ylang-ylang Nature Identical Essential Oil

A fragrance material for beauty and home care products from New Directions Aromatics.

Sandalwood Nature Identical Essential Oil

This New Directions' Aromatics' fragrance material works in a variety of beauty care applications.


From Hindustand Polyamides & Fibres Ltd., this fragrance material can be used to replace ambergris.

Benzyl Salicylate

This flavor and fragrance material from Hindustand Polyamides & Fibres Ltd. can be used in floral applications, among others.

Black Pepper Oil

Ultra International B.V.'s flavor and fragrance oil.

Lavender Oil Bulgarian

A fragrance material from Ultra International B.V.

Coriander Seed Supernote 719502

A fragrance material from Kerry's Supernotes collection.

Cardamom Supernote 715843

A warm fragrance material from Kerry.

Labdanum Resinoid

A strong fragrance material from Albert Vieille.

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