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Fragrance Ingredient Disclosure in Cleaning Products

SC Johnson’s latest move follows Clorox’s announcement that it would disclose fragrance allergens in its cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products.

Event Report: Fragrance Ingredient Presentation Roundup

Highlights from the British Society of Perfumers’ one-day symposium.

Datamonitor Consumer Explores Compressed Deodorants, Category Innovation

Compressed deodorants drive wider innovation while smaller packaging in the format appealing to consumers who key in on greener packaging and easy-to-carry products; across the wider deodorants space, consumers are now looking beyond the hygiene aspect of deodorant products, and sensory benefits are influential in their product choices within the personal hygiene space. Trends will continue to gain traction and greater innovation engagement going forward through interest from a wide range of consumers.

Analysis of Online Personal Care Gift Pack and Fragrance Categories Released

Clavis Insight Index (CI2), which measures brand online store presence and performance, shows Burt’s Bees and Guess fragrances are best positioned to win their respective categories in the online channel, based on their online store presence and performance in early November 2014.

Progress in Essential Oils: Rangpur Lime Oil

The present article reviews the components found in different plant parts of Rangpur lime oil, e.g., the peel oil and cultivars, by various researchers using a variety of methods, including GC-FID, GC/MS and others.

Forward Thinking: In the Air

Besides expected new seasonal air care fragrance directions and a home décor influence, marketplace activity is being driven by a renewed interest in aromatherapy and naturals, kitsch naming conventions and designer collaborations, as this comprehensive look at the air care marketplace reveals.

Crucial Ingredient Issues Dominate IFEAT 2014

Biotech’s potential, the unique properties of Mediterranean and Turkish essential oils, the relationships between flavor companies and their customers, and more.

Holiday Retail Report Reveals New Consumer Expectations

EGC Group notes consumers' expectations for seamless experiences from in-store to digital are on the rise; consumers report they're willing to pay more for great experiences with brands.

Confidence of Affluent Consumers Dips

The LCI, Unity Marketing's measure of affluent consumer confidence, dropped to 46.4 points in October 2014; firm predicts "a bleak Christmas shopping seasoning season."

SC Johnson Updates Its Fragrance Palette Disclosure

SC Johnson will share a list of fragrance ingredients eliminated from its US and Canadian fragrance palette, according to the company. The company previously committed to removing certain materials from its fragrance palette.

Analyst: 25-35 Year Olds Are 'Most Engaged' Segment in Fragrance Grooming

Speaking specifically about men’s fragrance grooming, 25-34 year olds are the number one among the “most engaged” segment, according to a recent NPD blog post by Brenna Phelan, NPD's fragrance director, industry analyst.

NPD Report: Majority of Men Plan Fragrance Purchases Ahead of Time

The need to replenish, in-store influencers and price are the top motivators behind men’s fine fragrance purchases; among most desired characteristic for scented body products, men tend to purchase large-sized fine fragrance as it's seen as a good value.

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