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How Does Age Affect Body Malodor? Persimmon Extract May Help

Personal care products containing persimmon extract for mature consumers experiencing body malodor may provide a lucrative opportunity for fragrance companies.

Patent Pick: Second Scent

Just as you've settled in and adapted to one familiar scent—bam! The second scent in this dual air freshener invention hits you, with a synergistic pairing that's selectively released.

Symrise Shows 2015 Growth, Prepped for the Year

Symrise showed a significant gain in sales and earnings in 2015.

Weekly Recap: In Case You Missed It

Worried you might have missed some stories? Catch up here.

Naturex Innovates For The Future

Naturex announces the launch of Ingenium, a collaborative initiative to improve R&D and the supply chain.

In Memoriam: Xavier Desalbres

Xavier Desalbres, CEO, Sapiranguy, has passed away on March 8, 2016.

In Memoriam: Dallas Stokes

Dallas R. Stokes, Mane, passed away on Monday, February 22, 2016.

Patent Pick: Trigger Happy

What's a good way to identify receptor/ligand pairs that respond to scent or taste stimuli? University of Geneva inventors are "trigger happy" over a new in vivo answer, described in this patent application.

'Design With Scents' Doing Double Take

'Design With Scents' will be running twice this year at London College of Fashion for students interested in using scent as a design tool.

Patent Pick: Lemon Rose

A rose by any other name would be ... lemon? The inventor on this patent application has developed a yellow rose variety that emits lemony fragrance.

Patent Pick: Scent that Sticks

Fragrances with extended effects have long been sought. This water-proof/sweat-proof scented cosmetic invention by Coty may prove to be something that "sticks."

Patent Pick: Fragrant Emission

Is global warming raising body odor? Or does world conflict mandate new aromatherapy systems to subdue stress? I ask because this is the second time in two days that we've covered some novel scent delivery invention.

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