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SC Johnson Reveals Specific Fragrance Ingredients in Glade

SC Johnson becomes the first major consumer packaged goods company to offer product-specific fragrance disclosure to consumers, beginning with Glade.

Defending Fragrance Ingredients on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Why is REACH registration so critical to the fragrance industry?

Web Exclusive Part II: King John Sees Scents After 800 Years

This is part two of a web series in which John King details how he applied perfumery ingredients and medieval inspirations from King John to create novel scents.

Eau de Toilet: Fragrance Experts Help Develop Less Stinky Latrines

A community of scientists is now brainstorming about how to offer decent toilet systems in developing countries and they are working with fragrance experts.

Brazil Eases Biodiversity Restrictions on Cosmetic R&D

New rules simplify access to biodiversity and establishment of benefits sharing.

Web Exclusive Part I: King John Sees Scents After 800 Years

Today, on the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, John King describes how he applied perfumery ingredients and medieval inspirations from King John to create novel scents.

Gourmand, Freesia Scents Are Hot for Spring-Summer 2016

According to the findings of Seven Scent’s new global trends forecast, gourmand fragrance notes are set to take off in Spring-Summer 2016.

Data Edge: Why Real-time Consumer Insights Matter

In this recurring column, Doreen Bloch shares insights from Poshly, a database about fragrance consumers derived from a data acquisition process that launched in 2012.

Progress in Essential Oils

Brian Lawrence reviews sacred basil or tulsi oil in this issue.

Fragrance Q&A: Consumer Concerns and Industry Reality

As consumers become increasingly aware of how fragrances touch their lives through everyday products, the industry needs to provide truthful, educational and positive responses to critical comments.

A Person's Sense of Smell Can Reveal a Weight Bias, Study Finds

Participants in a research study gave lower ratings to scent samples when they were shown images of overweight or obese people.

In US Fragrance, Men Going Stronger, Women Trending Softer

Growth among strong fragrances is being driven by sophisticated early adopters and multicultural male and female shoppers, according to NPD. Growth in lighter feminine scents reflects a focus on naturalness.

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