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Chemical Characterization of Vanilla pompona Schiede, Part III

Vanilla pompona is resistant to climate change and diseases, and therefore is preferred for hybridization with V. planifolia. Its chemical characterization was carried out in a series of studies, described in this third of four parts.

Progress in Essential Oils: Sweet Fennel Oil and Extract

In this column, Brian M. Lawrence reviews the composition of sweet fennel oil and extract as found by various researchers. For example, a commercial sample of sweet fennel oil was screened for its anti-platelet activity by Tognolini et al. (2006) and Guerini et al. (2006) using GC-FID and GC/MS. Results are reported herein.

Firmenich Launches Large-Scale Amber Ingredient

Firmenich has announced its ingredient, Ambrox, an amber-based ingredient will be available in large scale production.

RIFM Supports IIVS On Non-animal Testing Methods

The Institute for In Vitro Sciences Inc. (IIVS) has received a grant from the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) to develop non-animal test methods for the evaluation of fragrance materials.

Inside F&F’s Hottest Emerging Market

Africa is a diverse and culturally rich continent presenting a wide variety of market opportunities and ingredients for the fragrance and flavor industry.

SC Johnson Line Discloses a 'Full Ingredient List’

SC Johnson has become the first major consumer products company to reveal 100% of its fragrance ingredients down to the component level for its new Glade Fresh Citrus Blossoms Collection.

Evaluating Alternate Raw Materials and Processes

Fragrance ingredients have life cycles in the hundreds and even thousands of years. The evaluation of these products, processes and alternate raw material sources is a complex and continuous process which, when successful, can lead to competitive advantages that pay dividends for decades.

Patent Pick: 'Itching' for Cinnamon Synonyms

There's a cinnamon epidemic. It's in our food, candles, clothes, cars and more—not that that's a bad thing. What is bad, according to these inventors, is its allergic potential, which is why they invented a new cinnamon-like fragrance composition.

Patent Pick: Fragrance Unlocks Anti-aging Trifecta

Fragrance? As an anti-aging ingredient? According to this patent application from Beiersdorf—yes. Alkylamidothiazoles paired with certain fragrances have been found to lighten pigmented spots and under-eye circles, as well as reduce inflammation.

Coming Soon: Safety Data on Cleaning Product Ingredients

Following a three-year effort of data gathering, safety info on hundreds of cleaning product ingredients will be available by the end of this year.

Seven's Entire Portfolio Gets Halal Approval

The certification of Seven Scent's entire portfolio strengthens its offerings for personal care and fragrance markets in Muslim-majority regions and Western markets seeking halal-certified products.

Patent Pick: Cyclohexanol Déjà Vu

Cyclohexanol again? You may be thinking, "I just saw this last week!" Well, yes–it keeps popping up in patents as an area of innovation for companies developing materials to improve fragrance intensity. Just ask today's patent-holder, Takasago International.

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