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KKW Fragrance Is All Hearts With Latest Launch

Following the launch of her fragrance brand, KKW Fragrance, Kim Kardashian West announces the release of her Kimoji Hearts series, inspired by Valentine’s Day.

Blocki Re-launches Classic Sanrovia Fragrance

Blocki has announced the relaunch of its classic Sanrovia fragrance, which will include a sandalwood accord opposed to its original oakmoss accord.

Skylar Body Raises $3 Million for Expansion

Natural perfume brand Skylar Body has raised $3 million to expand and support its line of fragrances.

A Fresh Start: RTD & Air Care in 2018

Both booming segments, air care and RTD beverages are a source of constant innovation and creativity from the F&F industry – where the sky (whether scented or not) is the limit.

Forward Thinking: Scented Air

Fragrances are becoming more sophisticated across aircare and candle categories as new product launches are featuring multi-layering and scent control.

The Juice: Achille Riviello – the Creative Engineer

Achille’s curiosity and passion for chemistry have led him through a diverse career path in fragrance, where pushing boundaries is an everyday goal.

F&F Literature Review: Smell It to Believe It

In this literature review, P&F takes a look at the benefits of scent branding and some of the health benefits that come with it.

Target Aims at Fragrance Consumers With Good Chemistry

Target has announced that it will launch a line of exclusive fragrance under the name Good Chemistry, inspired by different personalities.

The Scent of Home: From the Bedroom to the Living Room

As technology and consumer behaviors continue to change, home care fragrance products must remain innovative, while providing a sense of security and stability.

Global Fragrance Market to Hit $70 Billion

According to a recent report, the global fragrance market is projected to hit $70 billion by 2022, due to the increasing demand for natural and niche perfumes.

Air Freshener Market Stays Fresh Until 2021

A recent report indicated that the air freshener market will see healthy growth through 2021, growing at a CAGR of 7.35% during the forecasted period.

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