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Celebrating Scent: the ASP Symposium

The biannual event focused on challenges facing perfumery and the great creative talents behind the industry.

Reckitt Benckiser to List 26 E.U. Recognized Fragrance Allergens on U.S. Products

"Increased transparency and disclosure are key components of RB's betterbusiness strategy and we believe this is the right thing to do for U.S. consumers," explains Alexander Lacik, president, North America, for Reckitt Benckiser.

WPC 2014: Program Advisers, Supporting Organizations Announced

The Future of Fragrance will explore the industry's challenges and inspire its creative spirit.

Seven Scent Creates Scent for Stage Event

Scent evokes "the invigorating, lush foliage of the forest combined with its damp, heavy undertones."

Monell: Avian Influenza Virus Can Detected by Smell

Do the odor of acetoin and 1-octen-3-ol signal avian influenza infection in infected ducks?

The Fragrance-Fashion Connection

In a second installment of a series from Euromonitor International, analysts Nicole Tyrimou and Ashme Kunde make the connections on how fashion influences fragrance, and vice versa.

Progress in Essential Oils: October 2013

The headspace volatiles isolated from Lavandula stoechas L. by a solid-phase trapping extraction technique...

Forward Thinking: Crafting Beauty with Nature’s Resources

Demand continues to increase for natural products in fine fragrance and skincare.

The Story in the Bottle: Supporting Natural F&F Ingredients

Fragrance and flavor botanicals comprise a niche segment of agriculture. How can they be protected?

The Future of Lavender

Agricultural challenges meet growing consumer demand.

NPD Analyst: Fall Is About ‘New’ When It Comes to Scent

In the first week of September, new fragrances (those launched in 2013) accounted for 15% of women’s prestige sales, which is up from 8% of sales in the first week of August.

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