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Disruption in Disclosure

As the industry continues to refine its meaning of natural, consumers are increasing their demand for products and increasingly asking for more transparency.

Beyond Muguet

We describe herewith the important milestones in the evolution of the lily of the valley odorant family, as well as recent advances towards the creation of a portfolio of sustainable and biodegradable captive ingredients.

The Global Fragrance Market

Compared to beauty and personal care, fragrances experienced a renaissance in mature markets in the face of a fresh consumer desire to differentiate, while simultaneously gaining new adopters in rapidly advancing emerging nations.

Royalty and Fragrances Part 2: The Scent of Versailles

Part two explores the fragrantly decadent court of Marie Antoinette, where her perfumer, Jean-Louis Fargeon saturated everyone in Versailles.

Forward Thinking: The Natural Evolution

Scrutinizing labels is the new norm, and consumers continue to be increasingly selective about the ingredients that they will use in their products. This has led to many innovations in natural skincare, deodorant, hair care and fine fragrance products.

World Perfumery Congress 2018 Preview: A Sense of What’s Next

A preview of the event’s program and speakers, featuring a new master perfumer workshop, fragrance art installation, expo hall additions and more.

April 2018 Product Roundup: Florals

The Perfumer & Flavorist Product Roundup is a monthly feature presenting inspiration for flavor and fragrance creations with materials and products from leading F&F companies. Check out this month's collection for floral materials.

Visual Fragrances: The Latest Application Trend?

Fragrances are no longer just for the nose. Amkiri Ltd has released a patented visual fragrance, in the form of a crème-like ink for the skin.

Scent of the Game: Baseball and Perfume at Hebrew Home

The Bronx’s Hebrew Home at Riverdale has partnered with IFF and Scent Marketing for six baseball inspired scents for residents.

What’s on Tap at Perfumarie?

Open seven days a week, the chic fragrance studio offers a unique educational opportunity for both customers and brands, while shaking up the traditional distribution model.

Creating Non-alcoholic Fragrances With Reimar Bruening

During this Petit WPC session, Reimar Bruening, Ph.D., will present how hydrocarbon solvents from renewable botanical sources can be used as natural alternatives to silicones and how they can be used to create non-alcoholic fragrances.

Urbanization, Wellness Boost Flavor and Fragrance Market

According to a report from Research and Markets, the flavors and fragrances market is anticipated to grow, driven by the consumer product segment.

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