Wixon's Newest Seasonings Spice Up Everyday Snacks

Wixon's Newest Seasonings Spice Up Everyday Snacks

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Wixon Inc. has introduced its latest topical seasonings that can add a new twist to snacks. The zesty new topical seasonings for snacks include:

  • Ancho Chili for Nuts; Add some zest to your snacks with the flavor of roasted chili. 
  • Corn on the Cob; A summertime favorite, enhanced with butter and grill notes. 

  • Everything Bagel; Your favorite bagel topping, made better. Try this seasoning on tortilla chips for a kick.

  • Ghost Pepper; This medium heat blend features five different chili peppers.
  • Ginger Sesame; Sweet ginger combined with sesame creates a light, savory-tasting snack. 
  • Mandarin Teriyaki for Nuts; Garlic, orange, ginger, and soy deliver an exotic touch to nuts.
Maui Onion;
 A sweet yet salty seasoning, great for potato chips.

  • Mexican Chocolate; Make popcorn indulgent with this chocolate and cinnamon profile.

  • Meyer Lemon; This citrus blend creates a tangy potato chip.
  • Sweet & Salty Praline; Enhance potato chips with the brown sugar and nutty notes of this mix.

  • Tequila Lime; Liven up potato chips with this smooth seasoning.