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Nov 08, 2016 | 02:17 PM CST

New Database Aims to Help Track GMOs in Supply Chain


A study done in 2015 by Health Foods found that 87% of global consumers believe non-GMO products to be healthier.

Nov 02, 2016 | 10:31 AM CDT

Authentication of Natural Materials: What’s New?

By: Laure Saint-Lary et al.

As natural materials’ price volatility in the marketplace leads to adulteration, innovative authentication techniques may provide stability in quality control.

Oct 28, 2016 | 02:31 PM CDT

Redefining Communication: NAFFS Explores Safety and Natural Labeling

The first session of the NAFFS meeting explored challenges and solutions for effective communication between the industry, regulatory agencies and the public.

Oct 17, 2016 | 10:07 AM CDT

Frutarom Completes Seventh Acquisition


With a signed agreement between Frutarom and Nardi Aromas Ltd., Frutarom will receive 100% of the Nardi Aromas’ shares in exchange for $1.6 million.

Aug 12, 2016 | 10:42 AM CDT

FDA Issues Final Rule on GRAS

In a step to strengthen its oversight of food ingredients, the FDA has issued a final rule detailing the criteria for deeming that the use of a substance in human or animal food is generally recognized as safe.

Aug 11, 2016 | 02:32 PM CDT

Evolva Talks GMO Labeling Law and What's Needed Next

Following the landmark U.S. decision to enact a law that creates a national standard for labeling food products that contain genetically modified ingredients, Evolva has issued a statement saying it supports the change.

Aug 02, 2016 | 10:51 AM CDT

President Signs GMO Labeling Bill into Law; Industry Sighs on Uniformity

U.S. President Barack Obama has officially signed a bill into law that creates national uniformity on how genetically engineered ingredients are labeled.

Jul 26, 2016 | 02:42 PM CDT

Heard it Through the Supply Chain: Firmenich Joins CDP Program

Continuing with its commitment to environmental management, Firmenich is now part of the CDP Supply Chain Program.

Jul 26, 2016 | 02:07 PM CDT

EFFA Revamps Website, Improves Communication

EFFA launched a newly re-designed website at the end of June to revamp its brand and give a fresh design and new content.

Jul 21, 2016 | 11:15 AM CDT

Givaudan Releases Half Year Results


Givaudan's six month financial report presented strong growth in both fragrance and flavor divisions.