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Indulge in Healthy Chocolate

Posted: October 30, 2007

With nutrition and wellness major global concerns, chocolate manufacturers have begun developing products designed for the health-minded consumer. Beyond sugar-free and low-calorie formulations, added vitamin content and organic labeling, Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows many new products with flavors inspired by nature and nutritious ingredients.

Fruit-based: Moving beyond the tried-and-true caramel and nut flavors familiar to consumers, manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with fruit flavors to differentiate their products and suggest a healthier, more nutritional profile. A number of fruit-flavored chocolate products that launched recently boasted real fruit content to position themselves as more natural and less processed than their more traditional competitors.

For example, in Australia, new Bellis Indulgence Strawberry Bars contain 70% fruit and only 3 g of fat per bar. Also described as a good source of fiber, Bellis Indulgence Strawberry Bars offer consumers the taste of fruit coated in Belgian-style dark chocolate. The bars allow people to enjoy a maximum flavor treat without sacrificing perceived health or nutrition concerns.

Cadbury Wedel likewise stresses the real fruit content of its summer edition Milk Chocolate Bar in Poland. Made with concentrated juice and fruit purée, the chocolate bar contains a yogurt, wild strawberry and blueberry filling. This light, fruity filling makes it ideal for health-conscious eaters.

Plant-based: In addition to fruit-based flavors, chocolate manufacturers have begun pulling from other areas of nature to include new herb- and plant-inspired tastes in the chocolate launches. This makes the products seem closer to nature and more authentic, and thus they appeal to the consumer looking for healthy, nutritious treats.