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Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea

Posted: June 13, 2007

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Looking at other fruit, pear, grape, plum and orange flavors were used by a number of manufacturers, alongside several citrus, tropical and exotic fruit flavors.

Over the past year there has been significant coverage on the rise of the “superfood”—those food products that are singled out for their natural health benefits. The move towards superfoods has hit this sector and manufacturers have launched products containing popular superfoods, such as pomegranate, açaí and acerola.

Indeed, earlier this year, Honest Tea Pomegranate White Tea with Açaí was launched, containing three antioxidant-rich ingredients, which are combined with less than three teaspoons of organic cane sugar to create a delicately flavored tea. Meanwhile, in Brazil, Convençao Cha Com Pessego has launched Peach Ice Tea, which contains heart healthy polifenóis. Interestingly, their tea is also available in lemon flavor (another top choice), guarana and the superfood fruit, acerola.

Herbs & Spices

Beyond fruit, the RTD iced tea sector has also turned to herbs and spices—another area where the flavor possibilities and combinations seem almost endless. When it comes to herbs, some of the more widely used choices include jasmine, chrysanthemum, peppermint, mint, ginseng and dandelion. In France, Seagull Trading released Oriental Mint Drink under the Alfadi brand. The product is described as an “out of centuries old tradition” drink, created by the desert nomads to quench thirst. Its main ingredients are black tea, ginger and peppermint. It is refined with fruit sugar and contains no preservatives.