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Ethical Beverage Launches Rise

Posted: September 16, 2008

Datamontior’s recent Productscan report has found that ethical drinks are increasingly being introduced to market. Whether carbon neutral, ethically packaged or with a charitable core, manufacturers are finding that it pays to court consumers’ principles in the pursuit of increasing market share.

Carbon Footprint

For example, the Monarch Beverage Co. has introduced a new drink to the US market called Acute Fruit 100% Juice Energy Drink, which is said to be carbon neutral. The beverage has been launched in partnership with the Carbonfund.org, an organization that helps companies to offset their carbon emissions.

Biodegradable Packaging

Blue Lake Citrus Products has launched Noble 100% Pure All Natural Juice in the Untied States. This beverage is packaged in a bottle that is made from all-natural renewable resources, namely Ingeo and EarthFirst PLA film, which are both corn-based. As consumers are increasingly concerned about the use of non-renewable, oil-based plastics, this could offer them a viable, renewable alternative.