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Cool Brew Coffee Craze

Cool coffee trends are helping customers beat the summer heat.

USDA Presents Flavor Saving Techniques for Tomatoes

Researchers provide insight on flavor saving techniques and boosting aroma chemicals for tomatoes in the mass market.

FDA Warning Reminder: Whole Stevia Leaf Not GRAS Approved

There is no food additive regulation that authorizes the use of Stevia leaf, the FDA says in a warning letter.

The Buzz On Citrus Greening's Natural Enemy

Studies indicate parasitic wasps may be a solution to the rapid citrus greening problem.

GMO Citrus Shows Resistance to Citrus Greening Disease

Florida-based operation shows GMO-grown citrus plants to be resistant to the citrus greening disease.

Wixon Offers New Seasonings For Savory & Sweet Snacks

Wixon creates new sweet and savory flavors for snack division.

Studies Reveal Link Between Vision and Taste

Studies show color and vision are strongly linked.

IOFI Dissents EFSA Opinion on Perilla Aldehyde's Genotoxity

After the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issued an opinion citing citrusy flavor Perilla aldehyde as a genotoxic concern, The International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) said it "respectfully disagrees."

Monk Fruit Juice Launched as Sugar Substitute

Monk Fruit Corp., has introduced Sweet-Delicious monk fruit juice, a new way to reduce sugar and calories.

FDA Proposes Placing DV Percentage of Added Sugars on Labels

The FDA's most recent Nutrition Facts label proposal caps the suggested daily value of added sugars at 10%.

Oxford Biotrans Secures New Funding

Commercial quantities of nootkatone available within months; additional flavor materials being explored.

Report: APAC Is Fastest Growing Food Additive Market

Asia pacific region's companies experience rapid growth in both natural and artificial food additives.

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