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Coca-Cola Goes Ginger for Summertime in Australia

Coca-Cola South Pacific explained that the popularity for ginger flavored drinks in Australia has risen by 6% in the last year.

Pringles Introduces Three New Holiday Flavors

Feedback from consumers seems to be that of intrigue more than anything else.

In Memoriam: Fred Faulkner

Fred Faulkner, an active member of FEMA, passed away October 31, 2016.

Flavor Bites: cis-3-Hexenol

Covering an exceptionally wide range of flavors, moderation is essential when using cis-3-Hexenol in formulations.

Editor's Note: The Doors of Perception...Lead Us to the Senses

With the evolution of digital technology, the industry is moving into superhuman territory.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: November 2016

This month's column features turmeric extract organic, ginger extract organic, 2-pentylfuran natural and more.

Redefining Communication: NAFFS Explores Safety and Natural Labeling

The first session of the NAFFS meeting explored challenges and solutions for effective communication between the industry, regulatory agencies and the public.

Consumers Are Craving Spicier Snack Flavors

Snacks with exotic, daring and spicy flavors have been gaining popularity for the past several years thanks to Millennials and their zealous snacking habits.

High Protein Coffee Coincides with Functional Beverage Trend

Adding protein to an already functional and caffeinated beverage may be just what consumers are looking for when looking for a midday pick-me-up.

Confectionery Ingredients Market to Grow to $76.81 Billion by 2021

The chocolate sector has led the market in growth due to the attention that its health benefits have been receiving.

Le Herbe Names World's First Master Blender of Cannabis Beverages

Because the legalization of cannabis is becoming a reality, there are a growing number of advances in the way that it is being consumed.

In Memoriam: Richard Micchelli

Richard Micchelli, 79, has passed away at the St. Clare’s Hospital in Dover, New Jersey

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