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Jan 21, 2014 | 12:52 PM CST

General Mills Files Patent for Dough with Reduced Sodium Content

General Mills has filed a patent for dough formulations that use less sodium and more health-oriented fats.

Jan 14, 2014 | 08:43 AM CST

Report: Stevia to Gain Larger Slice of Sweetener Market by 2017

Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research expect the value of stevia as an additive for use in food and beverage manufacturing to grow to $275 million by 2017.

Jan 10, 2014 | 01:47 PM CST

Compact Cooking Influences McCormick's 2014 Flavor Forecast

The trend, which highlights the inventive ways urban home cooks with limited space are still creating bold flavor, has helped cultivate a new kind of cooking.

Jan 06, 2014 | 08:58 AM CST

Bell's Flavor Trend Themes for the New Year

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has revealed its trend themes for 2014 which include sweet meets savory as well as sweet and spicy.

Jan 02, 2014 | 05:02 PM CST

Senomyx Assigned Patent for Compositions with Sweetness Enhancers

Senomyx has been assigned a U.S. patent 8,609,173 for "compositions comprising sweetness enhancers and methods of making them."

Dec 30, 2013 | 09:05 AM CST

McCormick Unveils Top Flavors and Food Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Emerging trends include chili, modern masala, clever compact cooking and more.