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Busy week? Catch up on what Firmenich's environmental initiatives or read about P&G's investment. All that and more.

Firmenich Goes for the Gold, and Wins

The gold rating from EcoVadis puts Firmenich among the top 2% of all suppliers regarding sustainability.

In Memoriam: Franklin Radican

Franklin Radican, 77, of Mendham, New Jersey, passed away on March 4, 2016.

Endpoint: From Scent Dieting to Flavor Irritants: ‘Wellness’ in F&F

What does the word wellness bring to mind? Sinking into a neck-deep mud bath? Meditating in a swirl of incense? Hitting the gym four times a week? Or maybe crunching away on home-grown, organically harvested vegetables? Recycling, composting, supporting fair trade, etc., all elicit a sense of wellness in some form.

Flavor Bites: Sotolon

Sotolon can all too easily be overdone—it is a good servant but a bad master.

Raw Material Bulletin: April 2016

This month's raw materials features natural vanillin extract clove, methyl anthranilate, 2-methylbutryaldehyde and more.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: April 2016

This month's article features organoleptic discussions on toasted mate, cocoa absolute, ethyl-2-methyl-3-pentenoate and more.

Forward Thinking: Health and Wellness Reboot

From plant-based cheeseburgers to cleaner beauty to wellness services, F&F products continue evolving to fit the health and wellness market and address changing consumer demands.

Givaudan's Sustainability Reports Reduced CO2 Emissions and More

Some highlights from Givaudan's report includes reduced CO2 emissions and improved energy efficiency.

What's the Latest with GMO Labeling?

General Mills said it will label GMO on its products after the Senate rejected a bill that would have prevented individual states from setting their own rules on GMO labels.

5 Stories You Missed This Week

Busy week? Catch up on industry news you might have missed.

FDA's New Food, Drug Commissioner Focuses on 'Science Base'

Robert M. Califf has previously served as the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for medical products and tobacco.

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