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India: The Crossroads of Flavor and Fragrance

There are eight magical ingredients that enhance both, traditional Indian cuisine and perfume. Angad Rai, master Indian specialty chef, Trident Bandra-Kurla-Mumbai, and Krishan Mohan, perfumer, share their creations and the role these ingredients play in each.

[Mini-Podcast] Talking Flavor Trends and Markets at Flavorcon

What's happening in the flavor world? Flavorcon conference director, Deniz Ataman, discusses this and the upcoming flavor event in the latest Two Sense podcast.

Cannabis Meets Craft Brews

Cannabis continues to trend in the flavor industry. One of the latest applications is in craft beer, including a new IPA from Lagunitas Brewing.

Raw Material of the Week: Matcha Tea Treattarome

While tea trends are progressing rapidly, one flavor in particular, Matcha, is gaining global attention. In response to this growth, Treatt launched a Matcha tea ingredient to use in various beverage products.

Raw Material of the Week: Sucralose

Here's a challenge: Take a bakery or confectionery item and reduce its calories without changing the flavor. Lansdowne Chemicals has developed a raw material to do exactly that.

Minimizing Flavor Deterioration

Flavor deterioration during storage is of interest to both the food and flavor industries. While there are numerous studies on flavor deterioration in foods, little has been published on the deterioration of food flavorings, especially when in the liquid form.

Editor’s Note: An Expanding Palette

For centuries, humanity has waxed poetic on the diversity and versatility of nature. If nature were a painter’s palette and the colors represented our current uses of nature’s bounty, then we are only using a corner of that palette.

Flavor Bites: 2-Ethyl-4-hydroxy-5-methyl-3(2H)-furanone

Similar to the profile of Furaneol, this ingredient provides a “candy” note in a variety of berry, tropical fruit and brown flavor applications.

September 2017: Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

This month’s column features organoleptic discussions on Ethyl cyclopentenolone, natural; citral dimethyl acetal, natural; coffee furanone and more

Taking a Fresh Look at Mint

With its freshness and versatility, mint is increasingly a key ingredient of choice for perfumers and flavorists alike. In this article, Firmenich discusses the global mint market, its versatility in a variety of F&F applications and exploring new compounds through R&D.

Keeping Up With the Microbes

The desire for clean labeled products has brought non-GMO technology to produce new and novel compounds in creative ways by focusing on microbial ecosystems, or polyculture.

Raw Material of the Week: Burning Ginger CO2 Extract

Some like it spicy, while others like it sweet. Ginger can come in many flavorful forms and Robertet now offers a new ingredient to meet the growing demand of ginger.

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