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Raw Material of the Week: Coffee Blossom Honey Blend

Riddle us this: What ingredient is not something one would typically add to coffee, but might try it out for a sweet addition? Treatt has the answer! The company launched a new blend to impart sweet flavors and aromas.

The Cookie Crumbles With Canada’s Sweet Tooth

A recent report took a look at popular sweet baked goods trends in Canada and found that cookies were among the most popular. Among the reasons for popularity include a sense of nostalgia and people becoming interested in baking.

EU Flavor Regulations & Globalization: Q&A with Jean Robello, EFFA President

In this exclusive interview with P&F, Jean Robello tell us about his goals as EFFA president and bringing the flavor regulatory associations together through global FlavourDay conferences. The first event in Brussels was organized by EFFA (the European Flavour Association), together with AROMA (the Belgian Flavour Association) and IOFI (the International Organization of the Flavor Industry).

Raw Material of the Week: Natural Nootkatone 70

Looking to enhance flavor fruit juices or personal care fragrance items? Look no further as Isobionics has a new raw material lending a grapefruit taste and odor.

Botanicals Meet Booze

Infusion innovation is in store at the Heathrow Gin Festival, where flavor is delivered from "tea bags" giving the classic cocktail a new twist.

Raw Material of the Week: Sulfurol

It isn't a party without Elixarome's latest ingredient! Pull out the cheese and meat platters as this raw material's walnut character is ideal for use in meat, poultry and dairy flavors.

Global Ice Cream Market Cannot Cool Down

Eastern countries are scooping the Ice cream market, with Eastern-inspired flavors and presentations contributing to the global market's 13 billion liters of scoop scales in 2016.

More than Milk: 5 Consumer Influencers for Dairy Products

A recent report by Packaged Facts took a look at the expansion of dairy products, which includes five key insights into driving dairy consumers.

Millennial-Approved Tea and Coffee Trends

Multifunctional and natural beverages are still a millennial favorite. The tea market is rising to the occasion, emphasizing the routine that consumers can enjoy for their caffeine fix.

Raw Material of the Week: β-damascenone

Summer is in full bloom and Axxence has a fruity and floral smelling ingredient, developed and manufactured in Slovakia. Additionally, this material lends green and herbal flavor characteristics for use.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: July 2017

This month’s column features discussions on black tea, veratraldehyde natural, boronia special absolute, ginger CO2 extract and more.

Flavor Bites: 5-Hydroxy 2-decenoic acid delta lactone

Otherwise known as massoi lactone—the key flavor component of massoi bark oil—5-hydroxy 2-decenoic acid delta lactone is known for adding a creamy note in more than just dairy flavors.

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