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To GMO or Not to GMO, That is the Debate

What’s the latest buzz with GMOs? CSIFT held a debate on the growing concerns of GMOs, sharing insight on what we know, the questions we have and the pros and cons of GMOS in food products.

Infographic: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Or, "let the good times roll." What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than with rich aromas and flavors? Check out some flavors and scents and see what inspires you.

Warm Up to Sweet Soup

The European market is giving in to nostalgia with sweet, fruit-based soups, bringing a healthier option to the comfort food table.

Confectionery Market Hits Sweet Spot in 2022

A recent market report indicates that the confectionery market will see strong gains through 2022. Innovations in classic products like candy and chocolate are leading the way for growth.

Blue Bell President to Retire

After helping navigate Blue Bell Creameries from a food safety crisis in 2015, Paul Kruse will retire and pass the company on to the first person outside of the Kruse family.

Kerry Appoints Edmond Scanlon as CEO

Kerry Group, has appointed its new CEO, Edmond Scanlon, who will be succeeding Stan McCarthy.

Endpoint. Unnaturally Innovative

It’s hard not to notice the anti-trend, moving toward the unnatural.

Editor's Note: Synthetics: Safe, Sustainable and Stigmatized

We experience a variety of synthetic versions of naturals in our daily lives. But the mission is the same: to create a compelling, engaging, quality experience for the listener.

To Synthesize or Not to Synthesize...that is the question

In the world of F&F formulation, synthetics are recognized for what they are: essential tools for creation; yet, how can we promote them to consumers without the stigma?

Flavor Bites: iso-Butyric Acid

Exhibiting a complex character, iso-butyric acid is effective in a wide range of fruit and non-fruit flavors, particularly those outside of the dairy category.

Forward Thinking: Water Works

From fizzy alcoholic drinks to crystal-infused water, new flavors and functional ingredients, Earth’s natural resource is offering more than just hydration.

The Future of Artificial Flavors & Ingredients

With public opinion so overwhelmingly in favor of all natural foods and flavors, what is the fate of artificial flavors and ingredients, and is such a large movement toward natural products truly sustainable?

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