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Mane Spices Up Savory Applications

Mane has noticed a couple setbacks when it comes to spices in savory applications. For this reason, the company came up with a solution to use in savory meat and snack applications.

Raw Material of the Week: Tobacco Extract, FG

Sigma-Aldrich Flavors & Fragrance's tobacco extract, FG exhibits bitter, astringent, tobacco and hay-like flavor, with a brown, dried fruit aftertaste

Find Yourself With Three Limited Edition Snickers

Snickers have announced that they will be launching three limited edition flavors starting in June 2018. The flavors include spicy, coffee and salty and sweet flavors.

Pour Me a Glass: RTD Beverage Global Trends

One of the hot topics at Flavorcon 2017 was the ever-changing RTD beverage market and how global influencers are changing innovation and demand.

Global Stevia Market to Reach $771.5 Million by 2022

Urbanization and changes in dietary styles are driving the global stevia market, which MarketsandMarkets expects will reach $771.5 million globally by 2022.

FONA Voted One of Best Workplace in U.S.

FONA International ranked #43 for one of the best workplaces, according to Fortune magazine and the consulting firm, Great Places to Work.

Flavor Bites: 2-Acetyl pyrrole

Exhibiting an interesting caramel characteristic, this material offers a pleasant authenticity to many brown and savory flavors, even berries.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

This month's column from Judith Michalski features organoleptic discussions on coffee absolute, wormwood oil American, hexyl isobutyrate natural and more.

Forward Thinking: Generation M – A Halal Lifestyle

With the growing population of Muslim millennials, halal food, beverage and beauty are emerging and have considerable potential for F&F suppliers and consumer goods manufacturers.

Progress in Essential Oils: Thymol-rich Thymus vulgaris oils – Part 1

A derivative of thyme oil, thymol contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, among others. Part 1 discusses the various constituents of thymol-rich thyme oils.

For the Love of Food: The Path Forward for Proactive Food and Flavor Safety

As the industry evolves to embrace food safety standards and mitigate hazards, food and ingredient manufacturers can take steps to outpace regulations and protect their brands.

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