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Forward Thinking: Milking It

Manufacturers find new ways to grab consumers using innovative flavors in dairy and more.

The Phoenix Arises

An analysis of what makes English ‘Black Mitcham’ peppermint oil captivating.

Report: Consumers Less Confused About Non-GMOs vs. Organics

The percentage of organics consumers who say they also use non-GMO labeled foods and beverages increased in 2013 as compared to a year ago.

EFSA Confirms Acrylamide in Food Increases Cancer Risk

According to the EFSA, acrylamide in food, which is produced by the same chemical reaction that “browns” food also making it tastier, is a public health concern.

Virginia Dare Offers Protein Masking Flavors Amid Protein Drink Boom

Consumer interest in protein is on the rise and chocolate was the most tracked flavor in new ready-to-drink (RTD) protein drinks.

Givaudan Launches TasteSolutions Richness Flavors

The product's multi-layering of flavors features an added dimension of taste and richness in addition to aroma, particularly in low sodium formulations.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: July 2014

This edition features vanillin acetate, blue (German) chamomile oil, Labdanum resinoide alcool and more.

The Future Belongs to the Fast

The 2014 Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association annual meeting explored how innovation, consumer outreach, emerging technologies and consumer engagement will drive future growth.

Hungarian Beauty— Fragrances in the Wild East

A rich fragrance heritage disrupted by political upheavals reinvents itself amidst a price-sensitive consumer environment.

Event Report: Amsterdam Table Talk Exhibition

The British Society of Flavourists hosts its annual ingredients showcase.

Focus on Citrus

WFFC UK event hosts citrus experts.


This versatile ingredient is useful in cucumber and fruit flavor profile where a more subtle cucumber note is desirable.

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