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Move Over Thin Mints, S’mores Are So Much More

To celebrate the 100th year in the cookie business, Girl Scouts of the USA will be releasing a new s’more cookie based on the summer time favorite flavor.

Endpoint. Synesthesia is Music to our Taste Buds

My role for Perfumer & Flavorist is to procure and put forth relevant scientific content and observations to advance your formulations for improved F&F applications. So what you’ll find here are some interesting points I’ve observed that could connect to your overall larger project “constellation.”

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

This month's column features organoleptic discussions on boronia leaf absolute, theaspirane, white cognac oil and more.

Flavor Bites: Geraniol

The rose character of geraniol is very bright and fragrant but it also possesses considerable depth, which is especially helpful in flavors.

A Natural and a Pod: Commonalities in Vanilla and Tea Processing

Shared chemistry, biochemistry and processing in tea leaf and vanilla pod.

Azelis to Expand into Ivory Coast

In Abidjan, Azelis expands its new office into Africa in order to continue its planned growth over the next couple of years.

Let the Victory Bells Ring for Bell Flavors and Fragrances

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has become one of the nation’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2016.

Q&A: EU’s Regulation Progression with Alexander Mohr

A new year is accompanied by new regulations and evolving consumer preferences. EFFA's Alexander Mohr, Ph.D. shared insight about the news in an exclusive Q&A. For the full interview, check out P&F's February 2017 issue.

A Bunch of Crunch for 2017

Flavor is no longer the only trend-setter in town. Texture has begun to gain speed as a marketing claim, appearing on 15% of Europe's new food releases' packaging in the past year.

Oh, Oreo: Chocolate Strawberry Flavor Released

“Milk’s favorite cookie” is back at it again. Chocolate Strawberry Oreos have hit the shelves, right on time to stock up for Valentine's Day.

Creating Thermal Processes Workshop

The five-day course is designed to provide delegates with the theory and practice behind the development and production of process flavors.

Coconut, Spice and Everything Nice

With more and more consumers looking for cleaner and more nutritional options, health-boosting ingredients top the charts for 2017's flavored beverage trends.

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