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Editor's Note: Synthetics: Safe, Sustainable and Stigmatized

We experience a variety of synthetic versions of naturals in our daily lives. But the mission is the same: to create a compelling, engaging, quality experience for the listener.

To Synthesize or Not to Synthesize...that is the question

In the world of F&F formulation, synthetics are recognized for what they are: essential tools for creation; yet, how can we promote them to consumers without the stigma?

Flavor Bites: iso-Butyric Acid

Exhibiting a complex character, iso-butyric acid is effective in a wide range of fruit and non-fruit flavors, particularly those outside of the dairy category.

Forward Thinking: Water Works

From fizzy alcoholic drinks to crystal-infused water, new flavors and functional ingredients, Earth’s natural resource is offering more than just hydration.

The Future of Artificial Flavors & Ingredients

With public opinion so overwhelmingly in favor of all natural foods and flavors, what is the fate of artificial flavors and ingredients, and is such a large movement toward natural products truly sustainable?

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

This month's column features organoleptic discussions on vanillin, coffee, elderflower, orange heart and cayenne pepper more.

Bell Flavors and Fragrance Awarded for Business Excellence

Bell Flavors and Fragrance has been awarded the Northbrook Business of the Year Award for 2016 for their dedication to customer service, sustainable growth and competitive business edge.

In Memoriam: William J. Downey Jr.

Bill Downey, a former FEMA president from 1986 to 1987 and a member of the FEMA board of governors, passed away on January 30, 2017.

Bell Announces New Hire and Two Promotions

Karen Clint has been appointed as Bell’s marketing manager while Aaron Graham was promoted to vice president of technical services for flavor and Simon Poppelsdorf was promoted to global vice president for flavor.

Beer’s Favorite Cookie

Craft beer meets Oreos... just don't dunk. The Veil Brewing Co. debuted a new stout, conditioned with Oreos for a confectionery twist.

CPL Aromas Increases CAFOD Funding to Support Global Causes

CPL Aromas has increased its funding to CAFOD by more than $298,000 in order to strengthen vulnerable communities in war-torn regions all over the world.

Featured Job: National Account Representative

Elixens America, Inc. (EAI) is currently seeking to hire an experienced national account representative in Rahway, New Jersey, USA.

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