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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: February 2016

In this monthly column, senior flavorist Judith Michalski describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials. This edition features discussions on honey distillate organic, saffron resinoid, anisyl acetate natural, osmanthus absolute and more.

Bell Launches Replacer and Extender Flavor Lines

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has launched lines of extender and replacer flavors as alternatives to ingredients the market is currently lacking.

Wixon’s Mag-nifique Launches Non-GMO Line

In continuation of its Mag-nifique portfolio, Wixon expanded to include a non-GMO option to help modify food and beverage products.

The Sweet Smell of Citrus: Society of Flavor Chemists Winter Meeting

The SFC highlights their winter meeting in Southern California.

Twist Your Taste Buds Sweet to Sour

Project7 and Ring Pop hard candy launch new lines of flavors for consumers to enjoy.

Caps on Sodium Spur Umami Solution

Salt of the Earth is one of the latest manufacturers to launch a sodium reduction line geared towards restaurants amid the national sodium reduction push.

Inside F&F's Hottest Market

Africa is a diverse and culturally rich continent presenting a widevariety of market opportunities and ingredients for the fragrance and flavor industry.

Raw Material Bulletin: February 2016

This month's edition features valencene, malt naturome, thialdine and more.

Yogurt Drinks Across Borders

A recent report showed global yogurt drinks to be rising in markets across various regions, but declining in others.

Sip Up on Beverage Trends

Symrise collected the top 10 beverage trends for 2016 from around the web, including new flavors and a potentially new beverage category.

Flavor Bites: 5-Methyl Furfural

5-Methyl furfural makes the best contribution to the caramel underpinnings of flavors that derive a significant aspect of their overall profile from heated sugars.

Patent Pick: Butter Up Bran

Bran has come a long way from being considered an "embarrassing" public declaration of certain digestive health needs. And work to improved its texture and flavor, like that featured in this patent application, have helped to ensure it's no longer just a flavorless piece of cardboard with a prune juice chaser.

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