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Alter Eco Releases Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters

Food company Alter Eco has entered the snack category with its Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters, which include coconut flakes drizzled with dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt.

Kalsec’s Hot and Spicy eBook Reports Heated Trends

“As the hot and spicy trend continues to grow, so does the push to identify ingredients, including peppers, with their place of origin and with that—authenticity,” said Anna Cheely, chef, senior scientist, Kalsec in the report.

SodaStream Pops the Cork With Sparkling Gold

SodaStream has released Sparkling Gold, a line of alcoholic concentrate that adds a fruity Riesling wine flavor to sparkling beverages.

Raise A Glass for Cannabis Beer

LGC, Creso Pharma and Baltic Beer Company Ltd have signed an agreement to develop and market cannabis and hemp alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Figs of the Future: Firmenich Announces Flavor of 2018

Firmenich has announced that fig will be the flavor of 2018 due to its health attributes and unique flavor and texture profile.

Don't Sweat: Cocoa Sweeter With Stress?

A recent report looked at how different growing and weather conditions could impact the chemical composition of cocoa and its taste.

Burger King Taps into Spicy Snack Craze

Burger King has launched Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos, tapping into recent spicy flavor trends and demand from consumers.

Fresh, Fast and Cheesy: Emerging Ethnic Flavor Trends

The recent “What’s Hot Culinary Forecast” by the National Restaurant Association surveyed over 1,300 American chefs for what they saw as emerging flavor trends in North America.

Tapping into Your Seventh Sense of Taste

A recent study by The Journal of Nutrition shows that the seventh sense of taste might be the perception of carbohydrates.

Have Your Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake and Eat It Too

Protein bar brand ONE Brands launched its peanut butter chocolate cake flavors from its ONE Bar product line.

Shaking up Wellness

Wellness company Le-Vel released a limited-edition candy cane flavored version of its Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake.

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