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WFFC Explores a Taste of the Upper West Side

The Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce take on the tastes and smells of the Upper West Side in New York City where attendees explored various baked treats, apothecary potions and flavors from the Middle East and human-grade pet food!

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Brings Anticipated New Brazilian Flavors

As the Olympics draws closer, Comax has developed some new flavors inspired by Brazilian tastes.

Five Exotic Fruit Flavor Trends from All Over the World

Straying away from typical fruit flavors of citrus, apples and melons, flavorists are starting to explore more exotic fruits to use for flavor formulations.

President Signs GMO Labeling Bill into Law; Industry Sighs on Uniformity

U.S. President Barack Obama has officially signed a bill into law that creates national uniformity on how genetically engineered ingredients are labeled.

Flavor Bites: Benzyl acetate

Though this ingredient is mostly associated with berry flavors, its characteristics can provide a striking berry nuance in a variety of non-fruit flavors.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: August 2016

This month's issue features organoleptic discussions on espresso coffee distillate organic, d-Tridecalactone, Roastarome, 2-acetylfuran, 4-methyloctanoic acid, hexyl-2-methylbutyrate, 2-decenal, 2-acetylpyrazine, guaiacol, magnolia flower oil and more

Forward Thinking: Sensory Sensations

New and interesting sensory concepts, products and restaurants continue to be introduced, such as flavor-enhanced products, mashups, edible nail polish, lifestyle destinations, scented spaces and immersive experiences.

Progress in Essential Oils: Cubeb Oil

This month's column discusses the chemical composition of cubeb oil derived from Piper cubeba L.

U.S. Vanilla Regulations—Time for an Update?

Implementing an updated regulatory model for vanilla could provide more stability across the value chain.

ACS International's Branding Continues with New Website

ACS International announced its new website following the company's branding launch at the 2016 World Perfumery Congress.

Resveratrol Launched to European Markets

Evolva partners with Cornelius Group, a distributor of innovative ingredients, to market resveratrol to certain European markets.

Vigon Promotes New Director of Marketing

Vigon promoted Nick Dauch to director or marketing, and he will be responsible for all marketing operations.

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