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The Language and Principles of Flavor Creation

By: Jeb Gleason-Allured, Editor
Posted: May 12, 2009
Frank Fischetti

Frank Fischetti, veteran flavorist and consultant.

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Fischetti’s impact group examples included blue cheese (methyl ketones), fish/seafood (amines such as trimethyl amine), butter/caramel (diones), citrus (aliphatic, alicyclic aldehydes), honey (phenylacetic acid esters) and coconut (δ-lactones).

Diagramming Flavors

Fischetti presented a diagramming system for organizing flavor materials with the following data fields: name of the flavor; application off the flavor; diluents/solvent for the flavor; character impact items/group; contributory flavor items; and differential flavor items. “The age of 25 items in a formula is ridiculous,” he said. “Most of them, at use level, drop below their threshold. It costs companies money.” Using these systems, Fischetti stressed, a flavorist can and must be able to articulate why any particular ingredient appears in a formula. “If they can’t,” he said, “then take it out!"

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