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European Flavor Material Exhibition Highlights


  • Exhibition Photo 1

    Exhibition Photo 1

    Ralf Berger

    Ralf Berger.
  • Exhibition Photo 2

    Exhibition Photo 2

    Standing: Mark Rubin (Firmenich, Switzerland); seated left to right: B. Raghuramaiah (FISPL, India), Matevž Štimec (Etol, Slovenia), Robert Atkinson (Frutarom Fine Ingredients, UK) and Jack Knights (BSF, UK).

    Mark Rubin, B. Raghuramaiah, Matevž Štimec, Robert Atkinson and Jack Knights
  • Exhibition Photo 3

    Exhibition Photo 3

    The Sensient Flavors roundtable.

    The Sensient Flavors roundtable.
  • Exhibition Photo 4

    Exhibition Photo 4

    The V Mane Fils roundtable

    The V Mane Fils roundtable.
  • Exhibition Photo 5

    Exhibition Photo 5

    Left to Right: Brian Harvey (Kalsec Europe, UK), Steve Pearce (Omega Ingredients, UK), Isolde Tomann (Esarom, Austria), Dave Baines (BSF, UK), Elizabeth Pearce (Omega Ingredients, UK) and Marcel Aarts (Kalsec Europe, UK).

    Brian Harvey, Steve Pearce, Isolde Tomann, Dave Baines, Elizabeth Pearce and Marcel Aarts
By: David Baines, president, British Society of Flavourists
Posted: March 16, 2009

Contact David Baines here.

Natural ingredients were the primary theme at a recent British Society of Flavourists (BSF) event, with display products ranging from fine chemicals to essential oils, concentrates, oleoresins, distillates and yeast extracts. A number of these are highlighted herein. Besides this, organic ingredients and mood and sensation concepts were also featured at the exhibition.

This inaugural roundtable exhibition was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland on Feb. 25, 2009. Organized by the BSF, it was inspired by a similar event held in North America by the Chemical Sources Association, in cooperation with the Society of Flavor Chemists (BSF’s sister organization in the United States). Geneva was selected as the venue of the event due to its status as a focal point of flavor companies with good links to France, Italy, Germany and Austria, and a place of relocation of several BSF members. Designed to provide a relaxing technical forum for flavorists to experience new and existing raw materials, the roundtable featured product presentations from 13 companies.

Another highlight of the event was a stimulating keynote lecture by Ralf Berger of the University of Hannover, titled “From Wine to White Biotechnology—How Microbial Catalysts Generate Natural Flavors.” The talk offered an interesting overview of the state of production of flavoring materials using enzymes and microbial catalysts, in addition to the technological advancement and resulting increase in yields of natural flavoring materials—many of which are stereospecific, thus making new processes and their products more economically viable.

Although the delegate turnout at the exhibition was lower than expected—due to the current economic climate and novelty of this concept in Europe—the feedback from delegates and exhibitors was encouraging. The mutual consensus of the attendees to hold this as an annual event echoed its success.

Augustus Oils

Axxence Aromatic GmbH

DSM Food Specialities

Frutarom Fine Ingredients

Kalsec Europe

Also displayed: Allium Extracts, Oleoresin Celery and Capsicum Extract.

Lionel Hitchen

Omega Ingredients

RC Treatt

Riverside Aromatics

S & D Aroma

Sensient Flavors


V Mane Fils