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Fragrance 08: Notes from the 2008 FMA Business Meeting

Posted: January 21, 2008

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A proposed new standard, labeled GS-44, would cover soaps, cleansers and shower products. This, as with GS-37, includes no 2% VOC fragrance exemption. It also includes the same proposed bans on the phthalates and musks previously mentioned, in addition to the 26 EU allergens. Finally, fragrances would be banned in products for children less than three years old.

DfE/CleanGredients Standards

For some time now, Design for the Environment (DfE) has set no concrete requirements for fragrance formulations, subjecting products to arbitrary scientific reviews. Recognizing a need for transparent guidelines for fragrance formulations, CleanGredients has partnered with DfE. Details have yet to be approved, but the setup of the CleanGredients fragrance module is expected to depart from those earlier modules. According to CleanGredients:

“At this point, the [Fragrances Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)]’s recommended approach to the CleanGredients fragrances module is unlike the other CleanGredients modules in that it would identify fragrance manufacturers who agree to formulate fragrances in accordance with the attributes and criteria defined by the TAC. The module would not contain information on fragrance chemicals.”

The following officers were elected to the board:

  • Robert Amaducci (Flaroma Inc.)
  • Robert Bedoukian (Bedoukian Research)
  • Kim Bleiman (Berje Inc.)
  • James Dellas (drom fragrances international)
  • Christope de Villeplee (IFF)
  • Theodore Kesten (Belmay)
  • Peter Lombardo (Robertet)
  • William Ludlum (Frutarom)
  • Felix Mayr-Harting (Givaudan)
  • Simon Medley (BASF)
  • Michael O’Neill (Mastertaste)
  • Richard Pisano Sr. (Citrus & Allied Essences Ltd.)
  • Klaus Stanzl (Symrise)
  • Steve Tanner (Arylessence)
  • Sean Traynor (Takasago)
  • William Troy (Firmenich)
  • Michael Wimberly (Millennium Specialty Chemicals)