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Expanding Into Vanilla: Synergy & Vanlab

Posted: March 6, 2007

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P&Fnow: Are there any technologies that Vanlab brought to the table that Synergy didn’t have?

Sowders: From an overview standpoint, Vanlab has invested significantly in its business, particularly over the last three to five years. We now have access to Vanlab’s state-of-the-art vanilla production capabilities and although we did have vanilla capability in the United Kingdom, it was not to the degree that Vanlab had. In addition, Vanlab has some proprietary processes it has developed in the last few years that are terrific for us.

P&Fnow: Are there any more acquisitions planned for Synergy in the near future?

Sowders: We certainly intend to continue to grow through acquisition as well focus on organic growth. We are making substantial investments here in Wauconda, including expansion into the facility next to us, to accommodate some of the growth. We continue to have dialog with companies that have an interest in selling and a further acquisition this year is possible; however, our near-term focus is on merging Vanlab’s business with ours.

P&Fnow: There has been a lot of consolidation within the flavor industry—what do you think the future of the industry looks like?