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100 Years of P&F

Posted: December 29, 2006, from the December 2006 issue of P&F magazine.

The timeline highlights important events in the F&F industry starting with the 1900s through to present day. Also included amidst the timeline are interviews with and profiles of key industry organizations—ASP, SFC, BSF, IFEAT, FMA, RIFM, FMA, IFRA. Included here is the introduction to the timeline with the specific history of P&F magazine:

“That’s What We Do”: Keeping the F&F Industry Linked

The Allured family has been in the publishing business since 1921, when Earl R. Allured debuted a confectionery industry magazine from his offices in the Chicago Stock Exchange building. In 1949, Earl’s son, Stanley E. Allured, joined the business. It was Stanley who, following the family’s acquisition of the publication in 1960, assumed the management of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine precursor The American Perfumer. Throughout the years, Allured Publishing has been operated by various members of the family, including Stanley’s wife, Betty Lou; their three daughters—Nancy, Jean and Janet; and several grandchildren, including Jeb Gleason-Allured, Perfumer & Flavorist magazine's current editor.

To this day, at meetings and symposia, people always ask, “How’s Stan?” And with good reason. Allured traveled extensively throughout his 40-plus-year career in the F&F industry, from Japan to Turkey to virtually every corner of Europe, leaving in his wake a trail of good friends and respected colleagues. (For many years, Allured was both the editorial and ad sales head for both the cosmetics and F&F industries—an amazing juggling feat.)

“I started going to some perfumery and flavor chemists’ meetings [in 1960],” Allured recalls. “But those were very restricted. Only some were open. Most were members-only. But then I started publishing lots of news about those societies, and they decided, ‘Hey, we’ve got to have him at every meeting.’ Of course, I wasn’t eligible for membership, but they gave me an honorary membership.”