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Is 2011 a Year of Opportunity for F&F Jobs?

By: Jeb Gleason-Allured
Posted: February 23, 2011, from the March 2011 issue of P&F magazine.

In the words of Richard Panzarasa, CEO of executive search and consulting firm The Panzarasa Group, 2009's flavor and fragrance job climate "was a disaster." Gradual improvement came only as 2010 financial sales results returned to pre-recession levels. "As we head into 2011, there is some caution," he says. "On the same token, I think everyone is looking at [this year] as being a bit more robust."

Panzarasa believes several key companies will make significant personnel additions this year. "In many cases it's because they [the company] made a customer core list and they have to get people who know how to service these new clients." In addition, he says, "I see both the small and midsized companies making some headway—there are a lot of opportunities developing." At the same time, he warns, "More [jobs] are moving way from fine fragrance. This could mean companies are looking at rebalancing their portfolios. I also think we're going to see people let go because the market is going in a different direction. To be in that market you've got to put your resources there."

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