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New Methods to Boost Sales of Women’s Fragrances

Posted: July 10, 2007

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Seasonal Editions and Fragrances

Seasonal launches are important for this market adding variety and value. Lighter scents such as citrus are usually active in the summer months, while heavier scents of vanilla, spice and musk notes are more evident in winter. For example, Coty Prestige released Joop! Jump Summer Temptation as a limited edition summer fragrance in the United Kingdom. Manufacturers have capitalized on Valentine’s Day and in Greece, Avon released Be Sensual Eau De Toilette.

For Teens

Teenagers are a key target audience when it comes to women’s fragrances. They tend to be more open to trying new fragrances, particularly if endorsed by a celebrity or if using character merchandising such as Barbie or a Disney theme. Wearing a fragrance perhaps makes them feel more grown up, and by targeting new products to teenagers, manufacturers can try and establish brand loyalty from an early age.

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