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The F&F Horizon: Mintel Predicts 2009 Consumer and Beauty Trends

Posted: December 22, 2008

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Playfulness, Lightening the Mood
In tougher times, people not only crave life’s little luxuries, they also need to enjoy themselves. As such, small playful distractions such as neon makeup, fun-to-eat food or interactive stores like Apple will become increasingly popular.

What it means for businesses: Companies will focus on products and experiences that are lighthearted, and those that offer real entertainment will have a significant competitive advantage. From food and beauty to household cleaners, the market will see a widening range of products that soothe, energize or simply lift the spirits.

Dovetailing with these consumer trends, Mintel has identified several phenomena that will shape the beauty industry in 2009 and beyond.

Austerity Chic
After an era of indulging our every beauty whim, austerity chic will see us “looking good for less.” Consumers will focus only on those products they really need and expect products to last longer, using them more sparingly and finishing each product before choosing a replacement. Taking this one step further, the most adventurous consumers may even turn to homemade beauty products.

Turbo Beauty
Mintel expects a pendulum shift towards science-based products that actually do what they say they will. Industries will see even more patents, advanced technology and clinical testing come into play as companies attempt to convince people that their claims are true. There will be continued development in products that are a less expensive alternative to surgery, as well as advancements in stem cell research, research into cellular longevity, new peptides and alternatives to parabens. An increasing number of established pharmaceutical brands may also move into the beauty arena.