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Opinions: Quality Issues in the Fragrance Industry

Contact Author Angela Kohut, South East Aromas Fragrance Consulting
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This is only an excerpt of the full article that appeared in P&F Magazine. The full content is not currently available online.

In the interest of controlling costs, some of these fragrance companies are cutting corners, simultaneously undercutting and jeopardizing the reputations of legitimate fragrance houses that are trying to create safe, compliant and wonderful-smelling scents. These bad actors quote ridiculously low prices and use materials that are not safe or regulated or are perhaps even processed improperly. This can pose significant problems for the customer.

The issue of corner cutting is particularly relevant now. When one sees a downturn in the economy, the first reaction is for customers to start cutting costs. They will often start making changes such as reducing higher-end product lines or cutting the amount of fragrance they put in their products. The vast majority of the products in consumers’ homes are fragranced. They may change brands for a time, but they will still buy fragranced brands. But in tough times, customers may well ask fragrance houses to cut costs. I’ve had clients tell me that they’re hurting across the board: “We’re paying $12/lb and we want you to get that fragrance down to $8/lb.”

Threats to High Quality Fragrances

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