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Speed Smelling

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What is the smell of absence? This unique olfactory puzzle was addressed by senior perfumer Loc Dong’s unique fragrance, presented during an IFF speed smelling session at the French Institute Alliance Française in Manhattan. In Dong’s interpretation, absence smells of ink, with an astringent kick reminiscent of shoe polish.

A trip to Marrakesh inspired senior perfumer Laurent Le Guernec’s scent, which encompassed the city’s sensory impacts: spices, herbs, bright colors, cedar Atlas in the riads and mint tea. Le Guernec’s fragrance included orange fl ower absolute, orange fl ower water, mint and musk.

Perfumer Celine Barel’s Graffi ti evoked Brazil’s excitement, comprising unpleasant elements within a pleasant whole. Barel’s fragrance included the durianlike kick of dimethyl sulfi de and spiky oxane for an underarm effect. The scent on blotter was fruity, tropical, sweet and bright. Narcisse en Folie, vice president perfumer Yves Cassar’s celebration of naturals, included narcissus oil. Cassar noted that 150 tons of fl owers net just 120 k of oil. The compost goes to local farmers. The scent itself was a bright bouquet, fresh and petaly, with a touch of musk.

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