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Multisensory Exhibit Pushes the Perfumery Envelope

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Focusing on putting artistry back into perfumery, Mane recently removed all creative (consumer demographics, concepts, etc.) and cost constraints from a team of perfumers as part of a multisensory marketing-led initiative dubbed Fragrance Avatar. The project allowed perfumers to create “from their very core.” The project, notes Yadira Perez, director of creative marketing, fi ne fragrance, allowed the perfumers to stretch their creative identities and skills.

stretch their creative identities and skills. Atomic Floral, by Vincent Kuczinski, combined sheer stem with volcanic notes, while Charred Tuberose by Ralf Schwieger presented a “burned” take on a masculine white fl oral. The scent was waxy and animalic and contained tuberose and galbanum.

Dirty Life, also by Schwieger, was metallic, earthy and blooming, combining fragility and strength via galbanum, hyacinth and patchouli. Exposed, by principal perfumer and vice president of artistic direction Ellen Molner, highlighted an attraction of opposites, fragility and undergrowth through the use of iris and cassis.

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