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Trends in Women's Fragrances

Posted: January 22, 2008

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Similar to floral scents, fruity blends offer familiarity and a delectable appeal in women’s perfumes and eau de toilettes. Fruity and citrus-based scents are bright and happy, bringing on an aura of fun and relaxation. Some of the most common fruity scents found in women’s fragrances are apple, peach, watermelon, raspberry, tangerine and pear. These light and joyous fragrances also benefit from a naturally “natural” appeal.

In the United States, Parfums Christian Dior recently released Dior Addict Shine eau de toilette. It features a fruity, floral fragrance that includes notes of raspberry, gardenia and cedarwood.

Likewise in Norway, Giorgio Armani markets a fresh, fruity Summer Mania fragrance. Designed for summer with its light, natural notes, Summer Mania boasts the scents of blackcurrants, violet leaves, tangerines and pears. Like Christian Dior’s Dior Addict Shine in the United States, Giorgio Armani’s Norwegian perfume capitalizes on the combination of a high-end brand with a fresh, natural scent.

Botanical and Herbal Fragrances

Bringing a fully natural and holistic appeal to women’s perfumes, botanical and herbal ingredients have increased notably in women’s fragrances around the globe. These inspired-by-nature scents are expected to continue growing in the coming months, as consumers increasingly devote themselves to a more natural lifestyle. Additionally, botanicals and herbs often have ties to aromatherapy, giving manufacturers an easy positioning tool for feel-good fragrance products.

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