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Guest Column: The New Scent of Clean

By: Lori Miller Burns, director of marketing, Arylessence
Posted: July 22, 2011

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If a limited-edition fragrance truly connects with consumers, the scent can be upcycled—perhaps even renamed—and made part of the brand’s offering long term. This is a strategy that strategically improves marketing effectiveness.

Staying Ahead of Consumers

The perennial challenge for marketers is to anticipate the needs and desires of consumers, and create memorable, emotional experiences that transform their homes and environments, and turn everyday chores into something much more pleasant and more enjoyable. That’s always been the marketing mission for household and specialty products. Increasingly, marketers are asking perfumers and evaluators to do the anticipating as well as the hard work. Expectations for great fragrances have never been greater—among both consumers and corporations. Fortunately, meeting and exceeding those expectations is something great perfumers love to do.