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Guest Column: The New Scent of Clean

By: Lori Miller Burns, director of marketing, Arylessence
Posted: July 22, 2011

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Not only are winning fragrances something consumers love, but corporations are also falling in love with fragrance. What once was a perfumer’s triumph and a victory for the marketing department is now a highly desirable, highly valued corporate property—a ‘franchise fragrance’ that not only drives product variants within a brand (across candles, air fresheners and room sprays, for example), but also has the power to profoundly change the consumer success of multiple brands and multiple products, right across the corporation.

P&G’s big winner New Zealand Springs—which is a fresh, green fruity-floral ‘inspired by New Zealand's South Island where springs feed glacier-carved streams and verdant vistas’—is making money for Febreze room and fabric sprays, oils and home fragrances, Mr. Clean’s hard surface and multipurpose cleaners, Dawn ultra-concentrated dish liquid, and Cascade dishwasher detergent. That’s a hardworking corporate asset.

Limited Edition and Seasonal Fragrances Add More Choices

As if expanded fragrance options and sophisticated new scents weren’t enough, people's olfactory senses—and decision-making skills—are being stretched to the max by limited edition and seasonal scents that accompany the mainstay fragrances in a brand’s lineup. These fragrances are beautifully designed, evocative concepts that reflect the brand’s personality, but add exciting new dimensions and appeal to new emotions.

“Managing a brand is always about understanding and exceeding a consumer’s expectations,” says Gretchen Schaefer, vice president of communications for the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA). “Consumers today want the best technology, multiple user benefits and smart packaging, all of which can be delivered.”

Offering timely scents that match a family’s seasonal moods, Glade’s limited-edition fragrances are developed for spring and summer, with emotive names such as Bring on the Blossoms, Sparkle of Spring, and Endless Sunshine. Jump for Joy, a Glade selection available only at Walmart, paints a picture of a beautiful, early spring morning, and its marketing comments, ‘With the world in full bloom, children run outside to revel in the freedom of warmer weather. Share in their giggles, smiles and unabashed excitement with a refreshing fragrance of pineapple, mango and red berries.’