Inside Fragrance Creation: Sustainable Scents

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For almost 25 years, this small Grasse, France, based naturals boutique has produced essential oils, absolutes and other materials for the flavor and fragrance industry. (IFF purchased the company in 2000.) Perfumer & Flavorist magazine has been granted a rare guided tour of the facility hosted by Toulemonde and two top IFF perfumers—Clement Gavarry, winner of the 2006 Rising Star Award for fragrance, and Sophie Labbé, the first woman to win the François Coty prize for best creator of perfumes.

Gathering Scents across the Globe

In an age of shrinking differentiation among fragrances, new materials—whether new fractions of existing materials or all-new materials from previously unexploited botanicals—are key to giving fragrance companies a technological and creative edge. And no category is booming more than naturals. This is the business of LMR.

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