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Amazon Scents: Replacing Rosewood in Perfumery? Part II*

Posted: April 3, 2007

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The author thanks: MSc. student Rita Souza; M. Paget (senior perfumer, Mane do Brasil) for sensorial analysis; T. Fazzi and M. Cassagrande (perfumers, Quest International) for sensorial analysis; Pro-Clone for rosewood clone studies; R. Quadros and M. Presser for market studies, 2006; and BASA, MDIC, PIPE-FAPESP, and CNPq for financial support and fellowships.

Address correspondence to Lauro E.S. Barata;

*Adapted from a presentation at Centifolia—6th International Congress on Perfumery and Natural Raw Materials, Grasse, France.

**L.E.S. Barata and P. May, Rosewood exploitation in the Brazilian Amazon: options for sustainable production. Economic Botany, 58(2), 257–265 (2004).