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Consumer-Winning Perfumery: a Look Ahead

Posted: April 11, 2007

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The overall market, with its wide variety, shows a surprisingly consistent trend of fragrance themes based on natural ingredients. There are almost no esoteric variant names. These scents smell like specific fruits or flowers, preferably exotic, or sweets. Products with esoteric names like Unilever’s All Small & Mighty Fresh Rain and Wild & Fresh detergents are conforming to this trend by using fragrances that have identifiably fruity notes such as apple and melon. Apple remains a very popular theme, but the crisp green Granny Smith apple has been transformed into a sweeter, fruitier Gala apple.

Another long-standing theme favored by consumers is cucumber melon. Even though it has been almost 10 years since Bath & Body Works put a variant with this name on the market, the fragrance idea remains fresh and continuously appreciated by consumers. The execution has transformed slightly, with the melon theme now more defined. Current executions are for the most part either honeydew- or cantaloupelike.

A newer theme used in many recent launches leans toward the passion fruit and cassis (black currant) direction. This theme is often combined with orange or tangerine to create an exotic mangolike impression, for example in Zest’s Tangerine-Mango Twist bar soap. When combined with floralcy, this theme’s impact is contemporary and caring, as in Caress Exotic Oil Infusions’ Moroccan-scented beauty bar.

This quick review of market products should also mention sweet-powdery-vanillic and ambery fragrances. Good examples are Ultra Downy  fabric softener—such as Cashmere & Silk Fresh fabric softener, a fragrance that is fresh, powdery-sweet-vanillic and ambery—and St. Ives’ Oatmeal & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash with a fragrance that is slightly fruity, soft and ambery.

The gourmand or edible trend is very much alive and will continue to delight consumers with ever-new favorites such as pomegranate and fig (ex: Bath & Body Works’ Brown Sugar & Fig body wash), coffee and chocolate, and mango and papaya, all softened with a touch of vanilla.