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Consumer-Winning Perfumery: a Look Ahead

Posted: April 11, 2007

The sad truth of our times is that fragrances are regarded with a suspicion bordering on distrust. Only a minute portion of this attitude is justifiable. All the scrutiny and diligent care that fragrance companies exercise in creating safe fragrances is often not enough to satisfy the most vocal proponents of banning all fragrances or limiting their use.

It is therefore remarkable how essential fragrances are to most categories of consumer products. Fragrance quite often is the point of difference that attracts consumers to one product over another, while frequently masking unpleasant-smelling bases. In some products, such as fabric softeners or deodorants, fragrance is the active. In the category of environmental and home-scented products, fragrance is the raison d’etre for the product.

The critical role of fragrance is well understood by most major finished goods manufacturers. This is why they are willing to put great effort and allocate substantial resources in order to bring truly well-made and innovative fragrances to the market.

The Value of Fragrance

Procter & Gamble is one of the companies that has always profoundly understood the value of fragrance. Many of their products, such as Downy April Fresh fabric softener, Secret Antiperspirant and Gain detergent have become the fragrance staples of their respective categories.