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Macro Trend Report: the Changing Face of Sustainability in Personal Care

Posted: December 8, 2008

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Packaging Matters
Sustainability in personal care goes beyond formulation and positioning, and packaging has been a primary focus in the green movement. Heavy product packaging requires more fuel to transport and takes up considerable space in landfills when discarded. Some of the most noteworthy packaging innovations have included products that repurpose packaging after use, packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials and products that use lighter and more pliable containers.

Consider Pure & Natural’s US introduction of its Cleansing Rosemary and Mint Soap. This product is not only formulated with eco-friendly substances, but its packaging is embedded with flower seeds that can be planted once the soap has been removed. This container is also made of 100% post-consumer recycled packaging materials. Also in the United States, Cargo PlantLove Botanical Lipstick boasts a biodegradable tube, and the packaging is also embedded with seeds that are ready to be planted in the ground after the lipstick is removed.

Another area of personal care packaging that has seen much activity recently is the use of lightweight plastic pouches. These products promote eco-friendly efforts by drastically reducing packaging waste and weight. In Italy, for example, Coop Revitalizing Shower Gel Refill is made with purifying marine salts and refreshing mint. The dermatologically tested shower gel is available in a 1000 mL refill pouch that reduces plastic use by 70%.

With the vast proliferation of personal care products making claims relating to ethical and ecologically friendly practices, consumers are likely to become ever more skeptical about what truly constitutes a “green” product. In a world gone green, authenticity is becoming increasingly important, and as the green movement progresses, manufacturers are likely to put more emphasis on the traceability and transparency of product origin, processing and packaging.

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