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PFW's Patchwood Perfumery Contest


By: Paul Hodges, PFW
Posted: October 28, 2009

PFW Aroma Chemicals B.V. has launched Patchwood (pictured), a new aroma chemical that is powerful and woody, with a fresh ozonic top note and camphoraceous, leathery impression. The material is versatile, boasting strong stability in most product applications. It adds a fresh top note in fine fragrances and brings lift and body to fruity accords in shower gel and shampoo applications, while rounding off green floral scents in hand soaps and offering stability in liquid bleach products.

Patchwood is derived from Cyclomyral, a treasured aroma chemical in the PFW product portfolio. During discussions concerning Cyclomyral with befriended perfumers, a major PFW customer showed an interest in the marine woody impression to be found within the ingredient.

PFW took these comments to heart and carried out further analysis on Cyclomyral. From this analysis, PFW isolated the Patchwood precursor. Patchwood comes from one of several structural isomers found in Cyclomyral and is a ketone with three intertwining ring structures, as apposed to Cyclomyral, which has only two rings.

To mark the launch of its new ingredient, PFW is giving perfumers a chance to win $2,000 by showing their expertise in using Patchwood. The competition is open to all perfumers and is not limited to any fragrance direction or end application. Perfumers will be required to show their best use of Patchwood in a fragrance by submitting one fragrance with Patchwood and the same fragrance without Patchwood. Thus, the winning fragrance will not necessarily be the one with the best olfactive profile, but the one which shows off the best effect of Patchwood. The judging will be carried out by an independent panel of experts from the fragrance industry.

A profile of the winning perfumer and his or her formulation will be published in the May 2010 edition of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine, which will coincide with next year's World Perfumery Congress in Cannes. In addition to $2,000, the creator of the winning fragrance will be presented with a plaque to honor the occasion. If the winner is present, this will be bestowed during the World Perfumery Congress.

To request a sample of Patchwood and find the full details and rules of the competition, go to the PFW Web site.


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